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Acidifiers like citric acid are added to food to give them a refreshing, sour taste, as well as to optimise the acid content, to avoid discolouration, and to prevent the growth of unwanted microorganisms...  read on

*Advice for Allergy Sufferers* - The positive reactions outweigh. 84a62f67af5048d92aff520ed761abc2

“Chocolate makes you happy.” That counts for most people large or small. However, for 5% of Germans this is only partly true, because these 5%...  read on


Egg liqueur, or “Klötenköm” (Low German), or “advocaat” (Dutch) is an alcoholic beverage made from egg yolk, sugar, and alcohol. Due to its high sugar content it is a liqueur. It receives its creamy, thick consistency...  read on

*Alcohol* - Spirited pleasure. 194e8a11366a1be560e74b3927e1f32d

Alcohol is a clear, colourless, inflammable, and pungent smelling liquid that comes from the fermentation of sugar. The word alcohol, as well as the description, spirit, has, however, only a colloquial meaning...  read on

*Allergies and Chocolate* - Good to know, good to eat. 70ee0abcec7ef6f308046b31bfc0c8f3

An allergy is an over-reaction of the immune system against certain exogenous substances. As opposed to common allergies such as hay fever, asthma...  read on

*Almonds* - A bittersweet affair. 3674c6af28d93983edcfa95bf6e8cd2a

The almond is the stone fruit of the almond tree. It is mainly cultivated in the USA, in the Mediterranean, as well as in Pakistan and Iran. The almond has been as symbol of luck, fertility, and prosperity since antiquity...  read on

*Alpine Milk* - Milk of, and with, high standards. 8343e3d9bf1318951a2f50fe226a2f32

Adding the word “Alpine” indicates the milk’s geographical origin. The label Alpine milk may only be applied to milk products that originate from the Alpine region...  read on

*Aroma* - A whiff of flavour. D7fde044eca4d3c04b1496d133f1ef96

Aroma describes the complete perceptual interplay of the taste and smell of food. Aroma results when smell and flavour active substances – flavourings – meet the sensory organs in our mouth...  read on


Baking agents are substances or substance mixtures which loosen and enlarge the volume of dough and other masses. They free gases (mostly carbon dioxide) trapped in the dough in differently sized bubbles...  read on


Barley malt is made out of brewing barley - usually 2 row summer barley. It is bred with high germination capacity and uniform germination. It has a high starch as well as a moderate protein content. This makes...  read on

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