Rice Semolina – Roughly ground, a fine thing.

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Rice ranks, after maize, amongst the seven most important varieties of grain in the world. Rice is considered to be the oldest grain in the world. It is a member of the grass family, Poaceae, which spread from the Chinese Yangzi valley all over the world. For half of mankind, rice is the most important (basic) food today.

Just like rice, rice semolina has a very low allergen potential and is, therefore, excellent for dietetic diets. In order to convert rice into rice semolina, rice grains are thoroughly cleaned, peeled, and coarsely ground. The grains then go through grooved rollers in large steel rolling mills, until the desired granulation is achieved. Lastly, the semolina is sieved to separate smaller particles.

Right down to the smallest grains, only carefully manufactured and tested products make it into our chocolates. You can find rice semolina in, for example, our delicious RITTER SPORT Rum Crispy Pralines.

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