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Rice is considered to be the oldest grain in the world. It is a member of the grass family, Poaceae, which spread from the Chinese Yangzi valley all over the world. For half of mankind, rice is the most important (basic) food today.

Rice flour is made out of cleaned and polished broken rice. It is ground in rolling mills, then sieved and separated according to particle sizes (fractionated). Fine rice flour can be used as a bonding agent in the preparation of dough, and in the production of crispy rice and rice flakes.

Because it is one of the few gluten-free foods, rice flour is also used in food for allergy sufferers. We wanted to throw some rice to celebrate the delicious combination of strawberries and yoghurt in our chocolate. But then we realised it would be a tastier idea to make RITTER SPORT Strawberry Yoghurt a little crispier. So, we added excellent rice flakes.

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