Flavanoids – The more cocoa, the healthier.

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Flavanoids, also known as phytochemicals, are polyphenols. These are water-soluble regulators that occur in plants and serve to regulate colour, smell, defence, flavour substances, and growth. They play an important role in the metabolism of many plants. Over 6500 different flavanoids are to be found in many vegetable foods. This ranges from lemons and grapes, right up to tea and the cocoa in chocolate.

There are flavanoids that have antithrombotic properties. There are others, on the other hand, that are anti-inflammatory, work antimicrobially, antivirally, or offer relief from cramps. In addition, they can, in different cases, decrease the risk of an illness from occurring and also reduce cholesterol. As antioxidants, they can even offer some protection against cancer and help improve long-term memory.

However, anti-oxidative properties are very different, depending on their source. For example, flavanoids in apples, onions, and blueberries are particularly effective against cancer. In contrast, flavanoids in dark chocolate, green tea, and red grape juice, possess blood cholesterol lowering properties. However, several studies have found that the positive benefits of flavanoids are destroyed by milk – as in the case of milk chocolate or black tea with milk. Therefore, only chocolate with a very high cocoa content and no added milk products contains effective flavanoids.

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